ACCRA24.COM can confirm that, since the Genesis of time, no one has been able to define the "KOMASI GOD" as He said to Moses that I am who I am after the FIRE. 

Because the churches started to Exodus-ing with Leviticus lifestyle in their Numbers until God Deutero-nomos them with His GRACE over the NOMOS. [Ko Ma Si  means Nobody Like....]

The Award Winning Musician takes you to this GOD'S FIRE [Onyame Gya] as never before in this dispensation of GRACE. He has been on the lips of most Ghanaian's gospel music lovers and he is the person of Isaac Wilson but known in showbiz circles as Minister Ike.

The Superstar has Paid his dues in the Industry and in the Kingdom of Elohim.

Minister Ike has been called into the music industry to inspire, transform and to unmoor every vessel of God with Elohim's legal emancipation fire in this eschatological age.

“In the 1980’s when gospel music in Ghana really took off, the fire was "impromptu", it wasn't about money or fame but was about how to bring FIRE revival to the Nation. Minister Ike takes you to this fire in another level of consuming fire called "Onyame Gya" in his new album.
A "CD"  you must get your copy according ACCRA24.COM

Minister Ike takes you to  those days, when charismatic churches were beginning to develop and so they didn't have the luxury of big buildings and cosmopolitan instruments that are abundant today.

“Those days, gospel artistes performed to church members who usually fellowshipped in classrooms, under big trees and and under makeshift tents. Such were the places that we visited irrespective of the star status but today things has changed but it quite enfeeble, even in the faces of advancements in the music industry, the gospel industry is still marking time.

This is because the players in it are more interested in the business potentials than the relevant task of composing songs that are good enough to convert non-believers.

"Onyame Gya" [God's Fire] album has being released to fortify the enfeeble gospel music in another level of GRACE as never before. Go get your copy NOW!.

Minister Ike is a Ghanaian International Gospel Artiste who Started his Music Career at a very young age. He has worked tirelessly through the industry with two hit Albums to his credit and numerous Awards.

The dream of Isaac Wilson of joining the gospel train has come to pass with the release of his new album "Onyame Gya" 2015.

After given the rudiments of music right from his childhood to his teenage period Isaac has blossomed into a very fine gospel musician.

This is because the young but enterprising singer with an amazing voice has carved a niche for himself since the days of Fun World where he distinguished himself.

This new gospel debutant, the Kingdom Multimedia Production album is great to listen.

This young chap, a student of Dawson College in Canada and awaiting results to enter University is doing his own thing.

Album Directed by Max Cee but Label as Kingdom Multimedia Production. (C) 2015

In the song Isaac calls on "Onyame Gya" [God's Fire].

He has received 8 awards from 2011 to 2012 with the album "Me Nyame" both Canada and USA.

    Canadian Achievement Awards - Discovery Artist of the Year
    North America Awards - Honor Award of the Year
    North America Awards - Male Artist of the Year in North America
    North America Awards - Gospel Album of the Year
    North America Awards - Gospel Artiste of the Year
    North America Awards - Gospel Video of the Year - Wagye Me
    North America Awards - Talented Artiste of the Year in North America
    CJP                                - Pastors Appreciation Awards 2013.

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